Economic Impact of the St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre

The Community Sector Council of NL prepared a report on the economic impact of 45 community organizations in the St. John’s area and we were very pleased to be apart of this ground breaking research. It is time that we rethink how we view non-profits as simply “charity” and instead view them as the economic driver that they are.

Virtually everything our society teaches about charity is backwards. The donating public is told to measure the effectiveness and moral character of charities by how little they spend on “overhead,” never being taught that overhead is really investment without which the nonprofit sector can never hope to solve massive social problems. . – Excerpt from Dan Pallotta’s Charity Case

This brief report highlights economic impacts of community-based spending by one organization in the St. John’s region. The St. John’s Status of Women Council / Women’s Centre (SJSOWC) was among 45 organizations whose aggregate data on revenues and expenditures for one recent fiscal year was compiled and analyzed in Demonstrating the Economic Contributions of Community Sector Organizations in the St. John’s Region: A Pilot Study (2015). The data was examined within an Input-Output Model (IOM) by the Collaborative Applied Research in Economic (CARE) initiative of the Department of Economics, Memorial University, for the Community Sector Council Newfoundland and Labrador (CSC NL). Some economic impact highlights from the larger report…
Annual revenues of $60.9 million and annual expenditures of $60.6 million 45 organizations were directly and indirectly responsible for 1279 jobs in the economy Responsible for business activity (inter-firm sales) exceeding $169 million Spending has a positive impact on provincial (GDP) exceeding $74 million More than $18 million returned, annually, to three levels of governments in taxation

To view the Economic impact of the St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre click hereDemonstrating Economic Contributions_Status of Women Council

To view the full report: demonstrating_economic_contributions

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