PANSOW: statement of concern for Beatrice Hunter

The Provincial Action Network on the Status of Women (PANSOW) is issuing a statement of concern that the human and cultural rights of Beatrice Hunter are not being upheld and we call on Justice Minister Andrew Parsons to ensure the politicized nature of the charge does not prevent her receiving just, culturally appropriate and human rights based treatment while incarcerated.

  • We are concerned that an Inuk woman has been moved far away from her family, community and cultural supports and is now detained at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary – a prison for men.

  • We are concerned that she has been denied visits from her family, advocates and the media.

  • We are concerned that she receives timely, appropriate cultural supports, healthcare and access to canteen.

We ask Justice Minister Andrew Parsons to provide oversight and safeguard the human rights of Beatrice Hunter during her incarceration and subsequent trial.


Co-Chair Jenny Wright

Executive Director, St. John’s Status of Women


Co-Chair Janice Kennedy

Executive Director BSG Status of Women


PANSOW consists of the eight Executive Directors of the Status of Women Councils of Newfoundland and Labrador. PANSOW applies a ‘provincial lens’ to issues of equality and ensures a public voice for women from a non-partisan, grassroots, and feminist perspective.  PANSOW’s mandate is to advocate and to lobby for gender equity.