Pay Equity Day: Thursday, April 5

On average, for every dollar a man makes in Newfoundland and Labrador, a woman makes just 66 cents. If you’re Indigenous, trans, disabled, or a woman of colour, you make even less. It’s time to make sure we get the whole damn dollar.

Why April 5?
A date in early April is chosen for Pay Equity Day as it represents how far into the new calendar year women must work to earn what men did in the previous year.

What you can do
We ask that you print this poster and post it in your workplace’s washroom – or in any location where you think it will make the most impact. We also invite you to share these images (Pay Equity Day, Whole Damn Dollar) on your social media pages in the lead up to, and on, Thursday, April 5 with #PayUpNL.

On April 5, talk to your coworkers. Ask your boss. Write your MHA. Fair pay is not a lot to ask for.