CALLING ALL CANDIDATES: Feminist Q&A with St. John’s Municipal Election Candidates

During this Municipal Election in St. John’s, the St. John’s Status of Women Council reached out to all 30 candidates for a question and answer series about feminist issues impacting our community. We are sharing candidates’ responses to promote community engagement and to inform voters on election issues that impact all of us.

All questions were provided in advance, and candidates were given ten days to respond. Some responses were edited for length. We are sharing all six sets of answers throughout September 14th-16th – check back as the week goes on to read more.


• Housing: The City’s housing needs assessment identified 12,100 households living in unaffordable housing. What points from the City’s 2018 affordable ten-year housing strategy, or other actions Council can take, do you see as most important to address our scarcity of affordable housing?

• Accessibility: There are many significant barriers for people to move safely and freely in and around St. John’s, infringing on resident’s human rights. How will you prioritize increasing safe and accessible mobility in our city?

ANSWERS: Housing & Accessibility

• GBV: Gender-based violence happens at epidemic rates in our communities. What action-oriented work can be taken on by the City to meaningfully address this crisis?

• Budget: Budgetary decision-making often has disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities. What would a feminist municipal budget look like to you?

ANSWERS: Gender-based violence & Budget

• Engagement: Residents such as single parents, people receiving Income Support, people living with disabilities, temporary and permanent residents, and people who are criminalized can be left out of civic feedback and decision making. How will you engage
residents who are often excluded?

• Leadership: In working with City Council and the City of St. John’s, what would equitable, feminist leadership look like to you?

ANSWERS: Engagement & Leadership