SJSWC Board of Directors Recruitment

Are you an experienced Board of Directors member?
Do you identify as a feminist?
Are you looking for opportunity to be part of community?


The St. John’s Status of Women Council is Seeking Individuals to Serve on our Board of Directors

If you have the passion and interest to sit as a volunteer member on a non-profit board dedicated to continually working to achieve equality and justice through political activism, community collaboration, and the creation of a safe and inclusive space for all women and non-binary people in the St. John’s area this is the opportunity for you!

We are currently recruiting board members who can bring leadership in governance through:

*experience serving on a board or council;

*experience in board governance, advocacy, finance, human resource management, communications, and/or funding; and/or

*experience in strategic planning and monitoring.

The St. John’s Status of Women Council values the important perspectives that diversity brings, both in our organization and in our community. Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain board members from diverse backgrounds, aiming to reflect the diversity of our community within our organization. Applications are encouraged from women (transgender and cisgender) and non-binary people who identify as Indigenous, Black, and people of colour, a person with a visible and/or invisible disability, 2SLGBTQIA+, people with experiences in substance use, sex work, and people with experience in the criminal justice system, as well as people who have faced other systemic barriers, marginalization, and oppression.

Please write to us at with any questions. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume in a single file (word, PDF, or another accessible format) to More information about the role of Director is included below to inform your decision and/or application.

Board Member Job Description

Position:                               Board Member/Director (Volunteer)

Time commitment:            Five-ten hours month (meetings, preparation, research, consultation, committees, etc.)

Term:                                     Terms may be 1, 2 or 3 years, appointed or elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Terms are renewable.


Board members are responsible for acting in the best long-term interests of the organization and the community and will bring to the task of informed decision-making a broad knowledge and an inclusive perspective.

Every member of the Board of Directors, including the Board’s officers, is expected to do the following:

✔ Maintain membership in the Organization, in good standing.

✔ Prepare for, and participate in board meetings

✔ Listen to others’ views, advocate their own, identify common interests and alternatives, and be open to compromise

✔ Support governance decisions once made

✔ Participate in the review of the Organization mission and objectives and in the development of a strategic plan

✔ Help the board to monitor the performance of the Organization in relation to its mission, objectives, core values and reputation

✔ Abide by the by-laws, code of conduct and other policies that apply to the board

✔ Participate in the approval the annual budget and monitor the financial performance of the Organization in relation to it

✔ Help establish, review and monitor operational policies

✔ Identify prospective board members and possibly help recruit them

✔ Participate in the evaluation of the board itself (annual board self-evaluation)

✔ Contribute to the work of board as a member of at least one board “standing” or “ad hoc” committee

✔ Attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting

✔ Be an ambassador for the Organization – ensure one’s involvement is known

✔ Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of the Organization

✔ Comply with anti-oppressive, accountable space guidelines and code of conduct.


The following are considered key job qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the community, or an area of expertise relevant to the Organization’s vision & mission and/or the running of the Organization generally as determined by the Governance skills matrix
  • Commitment to organization’s mission and strategic directions
  • A commitment of time
  • Openness to learning and critical self-reflection