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SHOP exists to advocate for the human rights of sex workers.

The Safe Harbour Outreach Project (SHOP) is the only sex worker advocacy program in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our mandate at SHOP is to advocate for the human rights of all women and non-binary people who have engaged in sex work across our city and province, both on an individual and collective level. We serve people for whom sex work is an occupation. We also serve people who are in the industry not by choice, who are wishing to make changes in their lives. We support everyone who identifies as a current or former sex worker, regardless of industry sector area – this means that we are here for dancers, street level workers, in and out call workers, web cam workers, phone workers, independent escorts, those who work in porn, massage parlours, and more.

SHOP believes in:
1. the value of sex workers and their self determination
2. the power of harm reduction
3. the pursuit of social justice

Our two-person staff team have connected with over 700 people and in practice our work involves a great deal of individual support, outreach, and advocacy. This unique program was developed in partnership with sex workers. We know that there are as many different lived experiences in sex work as there are sex workers. We firmly believe that sex workers are the experts of their own lives, and everything we do is rooted in that philosophy.

– One-on-one individual support, including home visits and accompaniments to appointments
– Give out and deliver safer sex supplies and clean drug use supplies
– Peer drop-in hours in our private, confidential space
– Weekly community meal
– Community field trips
– Workshops and info sessions for sex workers
– Street outreach
– Health care supports
– System navigation and referrals
– Individual and community advocacy

Public Education
Our bold ‘Words Count’ awareness campaign was created to make people stop and take stock of the language used to stigmatize sex workers and deny their agency. Challenge discrimination, stereotypes and misconceptions against sex workers, their families and partners. Download and print our campaign poster and help spread awareness in the community. Start a conversation about what you can do to support sex workers in your city. Purchase a ‘Words Count’ t-shirt, with proceeds going to support the work of SHOP. Watch the ‘Words Count’ video and share it on social media with #EndTheStigmaNL.

We also offer public education presentations on understanding sex work and sex workers needs in NL, sex work and health care, sex work and the law, how anti-trafficking efforts can learn from sex workers, and how organizations and programs can be more supportive and inclusive to sex workers. If you are interested in having SHOP come in and present, please contact our Program Coordinator.

Bad Date Line
In partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre, we operate the Warn Other Workers (WOW) line, an anonymous, 24/7 toll-free phone line that sex workers can call to share information about assaults or get direct support from a crisis line volunteer. Call WOW at 1-800-726-2743 from anywhere in the province.

National Advocacy
SHOP is a proud member of the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform. We believe that decriminalization is the first step towards access to human and labour rights and stigma reduction for sex workers and we participate in national advocacy around law reform.

We have a wonderful small core group of volunteers who support the women we work with at some of our drop-in hours, and a larger community of volunteers who help raise awareness on social media and assist with our public advocacy events. For our smaller core group of volunteers we prioritize people will lived experience doing sex work and who have previous strong experience supporting sex workers in various situations, from crisis support to harm reduction. When this isn’t someone’s experience, we would love for you to help us volunteer at our larger community advocacy events. If you are interested in volunteering with SHOP, please write us an email answering the following:
1) Why would you like to be involved with SHOP and how are you hoping to be involved?
2) What skills and experiences would you bring to our volunteer team?
3) What do you feel you would need support with, or more opportunities for development as a volunteer?

SHOP has no formal referral process – anyone can contact us, anytime! If you are reaching out for the first time about participating in our program, we don’t require any identifying information. We don’t ask you to share your legal name, birth date, MCP number, or SIN, unless you want to. Contact us over the phone, either by calling or text, by email, on Facebook, or on Twitter. SHOP staff are the only ones who will read/hear any messages you leave.

Contact Information

Susan Smith (she/her)
Program Coordinator

Twitter: @sexworkoutreach
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SHOPoutreach
Instagram: @sexworkoutreach