For Immediate Release – 2nd Annual St. John’s SlutWalk

September 19th, 2016
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

This Saturday, at 2:00 pm, as part of a global protest to end rape culture, the 2nd annual St John’s SlutWalk will be held at Harbourside Park to St. John’s City Hall.

SlutWalk was co-founded in 2011 by Heather Jarvis following comments by a Toronto police officer. Speaking to a security class at York University, the police officer said, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised.”

This blaming the victim instead of the rapist sparked a transnational movement that seeks to end victim blaming and slut shaming. “This year we will be addressing the absolute need for systemic changes to our justice system that prevent victims from coming forward and challenging long held and sexist views that continue to blame the victim for the crime committed against them,” said Jenny Wright Executive Director of the St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre, one of the organisers of the march. “We can no longer tolerate that 460, 000 Canadian women are sexual assaulted every year. The price of that tolerance is too high for too many,” Wright continued.

All genders are invited to join this global movement and march this Saturday, September 24th starting at Harbourside Park at 2:00 and ending at St. John’s City Hall where there will be music, speakers and a community art project in the Foran Room.

Contact: Jenny Wright, Executive Director, St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre, 753-0220.