SJSWC Issuing Report Cards on Provincial Government’s Action on Women’s Rights

St. John’s, NL – The St. John’s Status of Women Council (SJSWC) has issued its first in a series of report cards that address the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s action on gender equality and justice in the province.

The organization has produced an interim report card on the Minister’s Committee on Violence Against Women and Girls based on the progress report released by the Department of Justice and Public Safety last week. This and subsequent report cards are intended to raise public awareness about the province’s progress in addressing gender inequality.

Nine key areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the provincial government have been identified by the SJSWC for tracking and reporting purposes:

●   Women and Justice;
●   Women and Childcare;
●   Women’s Economic Equality;
●   Women’s Health;
●   Women and Education;
●   Violence Against Women;
●   Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls;
●   Women and Leadership; and,
●   Support for Women’s Organizations.

Jenny Wright, Executive Director, St. John’s Status of Women Council:
“Currently the status of women in Newfoundland and Labrador is alarming, as we experience the highest wage gap in the country, above the national average levels of domestic violence, costly and inadequate childcare, considerable barriers to accessing healthcare and an over representation in precarious and minimum wage jobs. We applaud the government for its support of women’s leadership. However, progress is much too slow and requires better collaboration with women’s groups throughout the province.”

All levels of governments have a role to play in addressing inequality in meaningful ways. This initiative will hold NL governments accountable and work towards advancing the quality of life for women and their children.


Media Contact
Jenny Wright
Executive Director
St. John’s Status of Women Council
Tel. 709.753.0220

About St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre
The St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre is a feminist organization that since 1972 is continually working to achieve equality and justice through political activism, community collaboration and the creation of a safe and inclusive space for all women in the St. John’s area. The St. John’s Status of Women Council operates the Women’s Centre, Marguerite’s Place Supportive Housing Program and the Safe Harbour Outreach Project.