Right here, right now: A drop in counseling program for women.

The St. John’s Status of Women Council in collaboration with Mun School of Social Work is launching Right Here, Right Now: A Women Centred Drop-In Counselling program. This innovative six month pilot program will operate two days a week at the Women’s Centre. On Mondays and Tuesdays, from 12-6pm we will offer brief single session therapy with a women-centred, trauma informed approach.

The drop-in counselling program will begin in September 26th, 2016. Two days a week for six months, women will be able to drop into the safe and welcoming environment of women’s centre and receive therapeutic services that will help them increase their ability to cope and have greater knowledge of and access to a broad range of services and resources.

This ground breaking initiative project will first and foremost help fill the huge gap in services for women in our community who are having difficulty accessing services or experiencing long wait times. Following the successful launch and evaluation of the pilot drop in counselling program, we are hopeful that the partnership between the SJSWC and the School of Social Work will continue.