PANSOW stands in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington – St. John’s

Provincial Action Network on the Status of Women (PANSOW) fully supports the Women’s March on Washington – St John’s. This rally joins marches globally in support of the Women’s March on Washington.  Women’s rights are human rights. From safety to pay equity, access to health care and reproductive rights we must remain vigilant so that we do not risk losing hard won rights. We have much work to do in this province to reach gender equality and justice and hope this important march driven by women will become a turning point in our history where we all come together to ensure that half the population is not left behind.

When women flourish, so do their families and our communities.

In Solidarity

Provincial Action Network on the Status of Women.

PANSOW is a grass roots, feminist & non-partisan network which gives a provincial voice on the issues facing the Status of Women. The Network is a coalition of all eight Status of Women Councils in Newfoundland and Labrador.